About Classspider

Classspider.com allows user to easily find and compare classes for professionals and hobbies. Our goal at Classspider.com is to make it simple to search for classes and compare the results based on a number of factors including cost, location and dates. Classspider.com provides a marketplace for classes in the following four categories.

  1. Professionals required to take Continuing Education Credits (CE or CEU) in order to maintain certification such as Lawyers, Doctors, Teachers, Nurses, Accountants, Auditors, Therapists, Financial Planners etc.
  2. Professionals looking to improve their on the job skills such as: Managers, Human Resources, Information Technology, Business Development
  3. Skills Training: Learn or improve skills such as Plumbing, Electrician, Carpentry, Auto Mechanic, Painter, Cook, Truck Driver
  4. Hobbies such as : Knitting, Salsa Dancing, Home Improvement, Ice Skating, Cake Decoration, Vegan Food Preparation etc.

Classspider.com is owned and operated by PG. Taylor Technologies Company.