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Audience is a fast-growing network of class-providers and students around the world. We allow users to engage directly with class-providers in their area of interest. Our Audience is made up of highly motivated individuals seeking to purchase products and services directly related to the classes listed on our site. We focus on classes in the following categories. Professional Development, Continuing Education, Skills Training and Hobbies.


Reach the most relevant audience for your brand by tailoring your ads to the right audience. Classspider allows you to target your ads by class dates and location, visitors location, subject matter or tags.

Class location and dates: targeting ads to class dates and locations allows you to tailor your ads with specific services and prices available and the time and location of the classes.

Subject matter: target subject matters most commonly associated with a class name, related job function or certification.

Tags: tags are keywords or labels that categorizes classes, job functions or certification. Classes can have multiple tags.


Lets talk about how to reach your audience. There are two types of ads choices available to our users, they are promoted classes and related services

Promoted Classes appear at the top of search results page and on the users recommended classes page. These results will be clearly marked as promoted results. Promoted classes will only be displayed in search results that they would naturally appear to increase the likelihood of user engagement.

Related services ads are placed to the right of the user pages and search results page. These ads can be creative banners to showcase your brand and services or text links which directs visitors to your site. These ads remain visible when the user scrolls the page.

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